Scallywompus Battle of Leon Creek 15 miler

You can always tell marathon season here in San Antonio.  For most of it is starts when we can run without combusting.  My personal mark is when the temperature in the early morning hours is reliably below 72 degrees (for you folks a bit further north, that doesn't reliably happen until late September, early October). 

Another indicator of marathon season is the Alamo Beer Challenge Series put on by Scallywompus.  The fourth in the series is the Battle of Leon Creek, suitably run on the Leon Creek Parkway.  This year, the distance was 15 miles.  Originally scheduled for 20, the organizers changed the distance to better accommodate the training schedule for those running the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll on December 4th.  This is just one example of how Scallywompus molds their events to be "our" events.  The focus of Bart and his collaborators is to create a run the local runners want to participate in. Not just because they are well run and supported, but they help us obtain our other goals.

As with last year, the run started promptly at 7:31 from the Hill Country Place apartments. Abundant parking was available at UTSA and we trudged off for a chilly 38 degree run.  We headed south along the Parkway.  7.5 miles later, we turned around. While Leon Creek is not my favorite course, the support is top-notch.  Air Force ROTC students staffed watering stations along the way and Scallywompus made sure that in addition to water and Gatorade every two miles or so, there was a bathroom. Thanks!

Upon finishing, local vendors were there to ensure a good time by all.  Freshly cooked sausages, cold beer, margaritas, wine and caffeinated beverages were available from a variety of vendors.  Worthy causes, such as the bone marrow donation registry were represented plus fitness and health care vendors.  Scallywompus continues to provide the best post-race activities and vendors in the area.

All in all, the event was a success.  I plan on hitting this series again next year. For a limited time, you can sign up for all four at a discounted rate.  See: