Halo Headband: Halo V -- Salvation from face dribbles

So, as I've mentioned elsewhere on this site, I live in San Antonio and it's hot.  And I sweat.  A lot. Today, in early November, I needed to run at 4pm.  It was 91.  Degrees.  Yuck.  

Several weeks ago, my wife taunted me ("you are sweaty") into buying a Halo V headband that we saw while at the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo.  I grabbed one figuring I'd give it a shot. Now, I never run without it.

The folks over at Halo really nailed it with this product.  The design is deceptively simple:  take the stretchy goodness of Dryline® fabric, put a little strip of rubber along the bottom seam the folks at Halo call, "Sweatblocker" and tell folks it'll keep the sweat from running down their faces and into their eyes / on their glasses.  With the Halo V, throw a little Velcro® to make it adjustable and *poof*, new product.

And it works exactly as advertised.  

I've probably put in around a hundred miles with my band and have yet to get a drop of sweat running down my face or glasses. The silver Halo incorporates into the fabric to help keep the stink down also works as advertised.  A side effect of all this sweat-blocking goodness is that you are left with a rather prominent red dent on your forehead after a run that can take a little while (less than an hour) to fade.  Small price in my book.  

All in all, I love my Halo V band.  Works well under hats, visors, helmets (for you cyclists or triathletes out there) or, for that 70's vibe, all by itself. 

Have a Halo product or an alternate suggestion?  Leave a comment below!