In search of the perfect running sock

I run in minimalist shoes. While some minimalist runners run without socks, I really dislike the sensation of my shoes.  However, running with thick, padded socks doesn't really work for the minimalist runner.  Plus, it's HOT down here in Texas, so I wanted socks that wouldn't make my feet too warm.

I tried a variety of thin running socks, but in invariably wore a hole over my big toe within a few weeks of regular use.

Then I ordered some Balega "Hidden Dry" socks. If there is a sock Nirvana, these are it. 

First, they are incredibly thin.  I mean, nearly nylon-stocking thin. They are ingeniously constructed to follow the contour of the foot without a bulge, wrinkle or snag.  Firm, but not tight or constricting.  As I pulled on my first pair, I thought, "my toenails are going to tear these up."  Now, nearly 18 months later, I still have the same pair.  No snags, tears or holes. 

Lastly, these socks come in S, M, L and XL.  That means they can easily fit your foot, from size 2 all the way to 15. 

The company, based in Cape Town, South Africa, prides itself on its workmanship and quality.  On their website, they profile all their employees and you can even see a photo of the person who inspected your socks! If you, as I am, are concerned about US jobs, the high-quality, synthetic fibers used in the socks are made in the USA.  

Comfort, durability and superb fit make these socks the best I've worn. They currently retail for about $12 on their site.  Check them out.