Doing the laundry

I live in a rather warm part of the US (thanks, Texas) and as a consequence, I tend to sweat when I run.  Bunches.  Mix that with some other, individual nuances and you get rather fragrant running laundry.  

I've struggled with trying to get all the smells out.  Over this past summer, it seemed inescapable that once I put a freshly laundered running shirt on and it warmed to my body temperature, I could perceive olfactory shadows of my last run.  Not much fun.

So I scoured the internet and began to experiment.  I think I've come up with a terrific solution:  vinegar and baking soda. For those of you who just flashed back to your elementary school volcano science fair project, never fear, you don't mix them.  But you do use both on your laundry.

Step 1:

Go grab some baking soda, white vinegar and your fragrant running laundry and head to your washing machine.

Step 2:

Put your clothes in the machine.  Put about a 1/4 cup of baking soda in the "Pre Wash" area of your laundry dispenser and your favorite laundry detergent in the "Detergent" area.  If you don't have a fancy-schmancy machine, just toss both the detergent and the baking soda into the drum. Mixing them won't hurt.  If you do have the option of running a pre-wash with baking soda and the main cycle with detergent, do that.  Fill the "Fabric Softener" dispenser with the white vinegar. 

Counter-clockwise from the left lower:  detergent, baking soda and vinegar (it's there, just can't see it).

Counter-clockwise from the left lower:  detergent, baking soda and vinegar (it's there, just can't see it).

Step 3:

Set your machine to "Pre-Wash" and then run the normal cycle.  No need for an extra rinse. You won't smell the vinegar.  Promise.

Step 4:

Finish your laundry the way you normally do.  If you are a liquid fabric softener person, you'll need to use dryer sheets instead.  You really can't put vinegar and fabric softener in the same dispenser and the vinegar is pretty key to ridding your clothes of those lingering odors.

So there you have it!  A quick and easy way to (cheaply and gently) rid your clothes of those funky running smells.  Did this work for you?  Leave your comments below!