Need running shirts? Check this GREAT deal out for men and women!

I'm a new, but big fan, of Champion Athletic Shirts.  Specifically, I love their PowerTrain PowerFlex shirts.  They fit well, come in a variety of colors, are well made and have a longer tail for tall people like me (I'm 6'4" / 194cm) so we don't have to bear our bellies while we run.

The quick-dry fabric is very thin and sheds sweat easily.  This is a great shirt for hot climates.  

They are on sale at the Champion Athletic site for $6.99!  Check it out here.

The women's version is $7.99 here.  The women's tank is $6.99 here.

This is a heck of a deal, so check it out.

Two of my five Champion running shirts.

Two of my five Champion running shirts.